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Send and receive text messages worldwide with the API that developers and businesses rely on

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Messages are sent quickly via direct mobile network connections.

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Global reach

We can send to over 200 countries.

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Zensend offers a flat rate for text messages - 2.3p per message when sending to UK mobile numbers. For higher volume discounts, get in contact with us.

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Message branding

Customise sender names to an alpha or numeric value, helping recipients to identify your brand and add a personal touch.

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Delivery receipts

Zensend’s API tracks the delivery status of messages and updates apps when a message has either arrived or failed to reach a destination.

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Special characters

Using Unicode, thousands of special characters can be used for personalising and sending messages in different languages.

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Message concatenation

Zensend can successfully deliver messages up to 1224 characters in up to 8 message parts (received as a singular message), charging each message part as 1 SMS.

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Hyperlink sending

A hyperlink can direct customers to a website, app download or survey. Avoid using lots of characters by using a URL shortener.

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Zensend’s team of in-house developers have made sure the API is simple and easy to use. Zensend’s comprehensive documentation and sample code help developers quickly build SMS into applications.

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Virtual mobile number

Receive SMS using a unique Virtual Mobile Number. Numbers are available across a range of countries to enable 2-way, conversational messaging.

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Mobile keywords and dedicated shortcodes

Keywords allow consumers to engage with your organisation via a memorable shared Shortcode e.g. by texting ZENSEND to 88688. Dedicated Shortcodes are also available.

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Number Insight

Gain real-time insight into mobile numbers. Check validity, mobile network and the country the number is located in, to avoid sending messages to invalid numbers.

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As businesses grow and go global, the messaging volume capability and global routing is extended accordingly. Send 1 message or 1 million messages - the Zensend platform can handle it.

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Client data is always stored securely within the EU using Amazon Web Services. Zensend and the mobile networks are GDPR compliant.

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See how your messages are performing in real time. Need bespoke reporting? No problem, we’ll build you custom reports too.

Direct Carrier Connections

Zensend has direct carrier connections, which means that text messages will be delivered quickly, reliably and securely by the mobile networks.

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